portret christian broer

Professor Christian Bröer is PI of WP1 –>

Bio Christian Bröer

I am associate professor of sociology, leading a number of research projects and teams. My central scientific concern is with the political origins of subjectivity.

Particularly I want to find out how the political processes and particularly policies affect the experience of a problem. I am engaged in (action) research in areas of bodily (over)activity, sadness, (over)weight or mobile phone technology. Conceptually, I aim to further develop medicalization theory, citizenship studies and social movement research. Methodologically I try to advance qualitative methods through systematizing collaborative longitudinal approaches.

My research so far shows that everyday experiences and taken-for-granted assumptions are often profoundly shaped by policy practices. The coming years I will look into the mechanisms behind this effect. In Sarphati Amsterdam , I am leading a large-scale longitudinal ethnographic panel study on eating, drinking, physical activity and sleeping. I will try to find out how and why certain aspects of a childs development become problematized within a household and how in the process health practices emerge. In CoCreate I am leading workpackage 5, where we investigate under which conditions the policy for overweigth prevention can be cocreated with young people and pushed into the direction of societal and system approaches instead of invididual approaches. I am also developing software for open online qualitative research.

My career is a bit a-typical since I first studied ballet, worked outside academia between my MA (cum laude) and the beginning of my PhD study and worked part-time since my daughter was born in 2000 until 2012. I am still keen on dancing and teach Salsa irregularly.

My work is published in journals like Social Science and Medicine, Sociology of Health and Illness or Mobilization.