Personal Microbiome Health (PMH) is one of the Research Priority Areas (RPA) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

RPA’s are intended to facilitate innovation of and cooperation between research groups within different Faculties of the University of Amsterdam.

The main rationale for the PMH-RPA is that our microbiome is a personal trait, shaped from birth, by an interplay of genetic, immunological, cultural, socio-economic, behavioral and environmental factors. We see microbiome health as a complex and personalized multiplex network of these processes actively sustaining health of the individual. Microbial disbalance with the host (dysbiosis) at a specific site, such as the oral cavity or gut, has implications for the entire body and can have severe consequences for general health and has the potential tob e restored through different interventions. Therefore, delineating and understanding of these complex host-microbiome-environment interactions is of high importance for maintaining health and in disease prevention.