Call for Internships:

Call for Internships

A Research Priority Area of the University of Amsterdam

Personal Microbiome Health (PMH) is one of the Research Priority Areas (RPAs) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This RPA facilitates collaborations between different faculties and institutes within the UvA in their research related to the human microbiome. At our website you can find information about the RPA and a list of Principal Investigators (PIs) leading the different work-packages.

In order to enhance interdisciplinarity, we offer the opportunity for exchange-internships between the partners of our RPA. To promote these internships, up to eight grants of €5.000 each are available every year.

Researchers who are interested in an internship should be part of one of the research groups that contribute to this RPA. The internship itself should aim at gaining or extending knowledge from the expertise available at the different research group within our RPA.

This grant can be used to compensate the financial consequences of the time spent on the internships outside the “home-institute”. Researchers who are interested in such an opportunity should get in touch with the RPA by sending an email to In general, an application or idea for an internship should be supported by the own research group leader and supported by the PI of the RPA from the institute where the internship will take place.

The RPA-directorate will decide on which applications will be awarded with a grant.